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The demolition continues!

Wednesday, 4th April: The walls have now been taken down to the ground level
Discovering the archaeological history of the house as it looks like there was a concrete path along the back of the house that pre-dates the building of the toilet.

Now this is the really sad part as I am demolishing my own work from 20 years ago when I built the patio and the large steps into the house.

I built them rather well as all those walls that can be seen consist of double brickwork.

Unfortunately, I need to resort to the use of a sledge hammer. I managed to break the handle of my pickaxe during this exercise!

I'm now starting the demolition of the steps. But, not today as I need a rest!

I'm now starting the demolition of the steps. But, not today as I need a rest!

Thursday, 5th April: I tried using a sledge hammer and pick axe to take the walls of the step so diligently built 20 years ago, but I clearly made a too gooder job of it!

I ended up going and hiring a hammer drill for the weekend - thank heaven I did as it took me all day to complete the demololition even with that.

Here is the internal drainage inspection chamber.

Ah! Archaeology again! I guess my daughter signed her name in the foundation cement all those years ago...


The last brick to be removed - at long last.
All the walls are now down and the foundations cleared.

I will have to barrow the in-fill away tomorrow.

Here is the pile of bricks I'll have to move as well!

Guess what? Another unexpected pipe. This one is modern so I assume it is the main water feed into the house - but I was not expecting to find it here.

I'll find out more when I clear the soil.

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