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The gas men cometh...

Friday, 18th May: A busy day today - the gas men arrived at 08:00 to move my gas pipe as discussed here.

You can clearly see here how I built the wall over the gas pipe by leaving a few bricks out.

Task one is to clamp off the pipe...

and then cut it off...

A manometer was then used to check that the pipe did not have any leaks up to the meter.

An additional two feet of gas pipe was added using two joints.
The clever bit is that the plastic joints have electrical heating coils inside of them...
When an electrical current is passed through the coils the pipe and the joint melt together to form a gas proof joint.
Job done! It only took an hour and I was then able to fill the gap in the bottom of the wall with bricks.

I can now fill in the foundations!

However, the weather is so good today I decided to get on with the task of brick laying.
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