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Build the wall to the DPC

Sunday, 29th April: It's been a long day today. I usually work part time but I've spent the whole day bricklaying.

I've just got up to the first row of face bricks after using random reclaimed bricks below the ground level.

I've built a metal lintel over the gas pipe that has yet to be moved where it cuts across the corner of the wall.

This is about 18 inches of wall to get up to ground level.
I now have the absolutely level row to start building upwards and I now have to be careful to get the brick spacings correct!

I don't seem to have made much progress today but I guess I have, it's just that getting the brick levels right on wonky foundations is quite a fussy job!

Still - I'm going upwards now to the DPC level and the next inspection.

Monday, 30th April: I spent the afternoon bricklaying. It's a slow job for me but I'm pleased with the results.

Before the cement dries, I used a small grouting tool to finish of the joints. This is the most pleasant part of brick laying I think!
I then brushed of the loose cement to neaten every thing up followed by a double check that I have not missed any joints.
A feature made from cut-down clay tiles.
This is the end wall and you can see that I've started to add the fancy bits to the brickwork.
This is the final result about 17:00 in the evening.

Time for a glass of red wine I think!
Tuesday, 1st May: Wow, I've only been working on the extension for a month and I'm in striking distance of the DPC...

Only did a few hours in the late afternoon today but made some good progress.
This is a diagonal brick feature rather than a vertical brick feature on the side wall.

Doing these really slow me down and are quite tricky to do.
One row is now up to the top of the slab - just two more rows to go to the DPC!
Wednesday, 2nd May: Spent a good part of the day bricklaying - getting the hang of it now!

I'm not far out on my cement thicknesses judging by the gauge stick.
Two more rows to the DPC and the right height for one of the feed-through vents.
Two more rows here and a stone feature.
Building up one  corner and then the other corner, levelling them with the laser level and then using the level string I made seems to work just great!
The weather is so hot it's difficult to stop the cement from drying out so I have to keep adding water.

Mind you, I am getting a good tan!
Another stone feature.
Building up the corner again for the next rows.
Thursday, 4th May: I am up to the DPC level on the outside wall today.
A feature on the side wall.

The next task is to fill the cavity up to 9 inches below the DPC level with weak concrete.

I'm now planning where the door and the window will be placed over the bank holiday weekend.

I've bought the DPC so I will lay that down in the next couple of days.

That is all I need do before calling the Building Regulations Surveyor in for the next visit on Tuesday of next week.
Saturday, 5th May: I'm finishing off today to get ready for the next stage inspection from the Building Regulation Surveyor.

The first task is to fill the cavity up to 9 inches below the DPC level with a weak mix of concrete.
This is what the cavity looks like after filling to three bricks below the DPC.
The DPC goes underneath the engineering bricks that will form the door step.

I've laid the DPC on top of the bricks so I am now all ready for the next inspection - hopefully on Tuesday after May Bank holiday Monday.

Tuesday 8th May: Building Control visit Stage 5 - Damp proof course: The Building Control Surveyor came at around 15:00 today and OKed the damp proof course!

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