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#3 - And more building the walls!

Thursday, 17th May: The weather was awful until around 11 a.m. - a mixture of drizzle and rain. However, wonders will never cease and it cleared up for the rest of the day and everything started to dry out.

I managed to get a good number of rows done!

The north end of the main wall.
The south end of the main wall.
The wall around the window - every thing seems to fit!

I did need to cut a rebate in the blocks to accommodate a full brick length - as I did the with the door.

I reckon another pair of corner builds tomorrow will being me to the top of the window.

I do like B&Q! They gave me an extra 25% of bricks because they have had complaints from some that a number broke - good on 'em! I have a trade account and it's great - free delivery and 60 days credit! What else could you ask for from a supplier?

Friday, 18th May: After the gas men left I built the corners up to the level of the top of the window. Here is the north part of the main wall.
Here is the south part of the main wall.
The south wall...
This is a seriously high wall!

No wonder my estimates of the number of brick I would require was considerably out!

I will in-fill the corners tomorrow assuming the weather is good. I can then think about how I will build the top of the window.

Saturday, 19th May: I've now built up to what I believe to be the top of the wall - maybe I need one more row.

This is the north side of the main wall.

This is the south side of the main wall.

Tomorrow I need to complete the south wall. I also bought a 2100mm lintel for the main window.

I will run out of bricks and a visit to B&Q elicits the response - "We are out of stock and have a problem with our suppliers!" I probably only need another 50 bricks.

Sunday, 20th May: I finished the south wall today and incorporated the small window built here.
I decided to only inset the small window by half a brick as it is more in keeping with the window's size. It was a bit awkward to fit as it straddles the cavity.

The rendering starts at this level so I will finish round the window with brick and use blocks for the rest of the wall.

Next task is to finish the wall by bricking above the two windows and finishing the door - on the next page!

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