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Finishing the walls

Sunday, 20th May: This is the lintel placed temporarily.

The next part should be fun! As I need to place 20 bricks long-wise across the window to match the sill.

I plan to do this by building a wooden frame to hold the bricks while the concrete sets.

I also plan to use a wall tie bar screwed horizontally underneath the lintel. This will allow me to place a clips in each joint to help hold the weight of the bricks. I will do the same for the small window and the door.
Monday, 21st May: I screwed down the lintel and bedded it on mortar.

I screwed the wall tie-in bar to the lintel and inserted some of the ties to show how it works.

I built a small wooden frame and nailed a baton to the window to hold the bricks while the mortar is setting.

I will build this tomorrow as the weather is forecasted to be good, unlike today.

I temporally mounted the door frame.

To finish this off I need to complete the doorstep and build the wall up the right-hand side of the frame.
Tuesday, 22nd May: I completed the top of the window today. This shows the first three bricks cemented in.

I placed a 10mm square piece of wood before placing a new brick to prevent the concrete from falling out. Once the brick was in place I removed it and tapped the brick home.
After laying a brick, I tamped concrete above and behind it - the tile prevented the concrete falling.
It took about an hour to complete the job.
The final window after the everything had set.

I will need to fill the joints underneath the bricks at some stage.

I completed the door sill.

Tomorrow I'll finish the bricking on the RHS side of the door.

I just couldn't resist putting the windows in the frame to see how it looks...

Wednesday, 23rd May: I completed the RHS of the door today up to the same level as the rest of the wall.

I attempted to match the brick spacing on the existing wall, but this proved to be a difficult talk! However, I wasn't that far out.


I ordered the roof timbers and requested a visit from the Building Regulations Surveyor for tomorrow as I am now at 'wall plate' level. The picture below shows the higher inner block wall and how the 100mm x 47mmwall plate sits on top of it. This will, of course, be bedded on the blocks using concrete.

Thursday, 24th May: I built up the walls around the window - the wall above the soffit is to be rendered so I only need bricks around the window.

The same around the door.

I will add the bricks above the small window and door tomorrow.
Building Control visit Stage 6 - wall plate: The Building Regulations Surveyor came at lunch at said that he was happy with the wall construction up to the wall plate. Excellent!

I built the top of the window this afternoon after making a wooden frame to support the half bricks.
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