Detailed photographic guide to building house extensions

A detailed photographic record of building extensions and enhancements to my home
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Just click the images to browse the projects! I hope you find it useful in your own builds!   Chris
A single storey extension containing a toilet and utility room. Every element of this extension was built by myself over a period of six months.
A two-storey extension containing a dining room, a walk-in dressing room and an en-suite bathroom.

I managed the project using contractors and the shell was put up in less than one month.
Converting a single garage into a 6M by 6M double garage come workshop. I managed the build of the shell which only took one month but we undertook the rest of the work.

The 90-year old clay tile roof was falling apart and was so leaky we decided to have it completely re-roofed using tradition techniques and professional roofers. It was a job too big for me to undertake myself!
A large wood store built from green oak so we could store all the logs we needed to feed our ravenous wood stove. We undertook all the work ourselves.
As an addition to my Japanese garden, I built a Japanese teahouse. Seven clones have now been built around the world from my plans.
I had always wanted to build a Japanese garden and I finally satified my dream.
After re-roofing the house, the council building control officer informed me I would need to upgrade my roof insulation to 300mm. I never realised how much effort this would take!
We have always wanted a wood stove in our living room but we only got round to it in 2015 but I'm please we finally  did!
We had had our old Potterton inefficient boiler for over 25 years. It was time for a new one!
I have spent my life plastering little jobs in a poor way, so I really wanted to learn how to plaster properly. I loved the course I went on and it enabled me to plaster larges walls and, indeed, ceilings!
For twenty-five years I had the onerous job of stripping and repainting my south-facing windows every few years and nothing I did prevented the paint from flaking - until I discovered the wonder of black Linseed oil paint used extensively in Sweden.
How to build simple but effective secondary glazing to reduce heat loss and considerably reduce external noise.

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